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Day 45 on the track.

Today is my 41st AA birthday. Leah made me a heart with 41 and gave me a crispy rice bar. I read “Why We Were Chosen” to them and, of course, got a little emotional. We were sitting by a mountain river, it couldn’t have been more serene. I am so grateful for this life that I received through the Alcoholics Anonymous program.

I only hope that I remember today when one day “I want to leave the Trail”

Today was another absolutely beautiful day. Like we have a ride

on the trail to Station 19 Hostel, the owner said the worst of the mountains was now behind us. He also said that now the trail meanders from here to Virginia. After today I might just start believe.

The trail took us past several phenomenal waterfalls. I could have stayed all day with them. Right now I’m in my tent listening to a stream running just 5 feet away from me. People spend all kinds of money to be put to sleep by sounds like this.

Today also marked my 400 mile journey on the Trail. It doesn’t seem possible.

One of my sayings that I repeat too much, of course, apart from “Shirley”, is “Life is beautiful”. You can only imagine the smile on my face when I came across these “three grandmas” all wearing “life is good” t-shirts. So I immediately thought, “what would it take to have one of your t-shirts”. Almost as quickly, I thought it seemed inappropriate. So I said just that. They laughed not knowing how my mind worked and said “go ahead” so I did, they laughed and said “nobody wants to see what’s under those shirts”. I got where they ordered them.

Trail Reality

I’m saddened to hear that several people I’ve hiked with have, for one reason or another, decided to quit the quest.

forest creatures

I was lucky enough to be able to catch a glimpse of some of the little forest people today.

Day 46

I left our campsite this morning and the trail took me quite a long way along the creek. The woods were so quiet I swear I could hear my heart beating. The silence was only broken by a few warblers, I believe, calling for a lover. The only other sound was the thud of my poles on the trail. The sound, for me, of the heartbeat of the Path.

the Lord of the Rings

Here is a photo along a rock wall and the river. Very cool! Doesn’t this remind you of Lord of the Rings?

What is the Path?

I have decided, after much time contemplating such things, that the Path is feminine. For example, the trail only shows what she wants you to see. You always know there is something more you want to see, but it all depends on its time.

The Path is always in your mind. Always call you. Call to see what happens around the soft curve ahead. Promise of delight, certainly.

Sometimes the trail is all soft, smooth curves like a woman’s thigh. Sometimes it’s like a woman’s tongue walking on a narrow ridge with the wind trying to yank you out of your grip on the trail.

So, congratulations to all the women around the world and especially in the trail, for making this beautiful world interesting and worthy of interest. Looking forward to whatever happens around the next bend.

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