‘Only BJP has raised concerns over Lavanya’s death in Tamil Nadu’: Madhuvanthi

In the aftermath of the alleged suicide of 17-year-old Lavanya in Tamil Nadu, actress and Tamil Nadu Bharatiya Janata Party state executive committee member Madhuvanthi Arun has posed a question to local media for downplaying the incident. The Class 12 student died on January 19, days after drinking poison, alleging abuse by her hostel manager and an attempt to convert her family to Christianity.

The actor, who is the niece of the legendary Rajnikanth, said, “Why is nobody talking about it (the incident)? My biggest problem is that an average citizen of Tamil Nadu is not aware of the problem. If you go to them and say Lavanya, they’ll say I don’t know.”

“Why is the Tamil Nadu media silent on Lavanya’s suicide? »

Raising strong objections to the accountability of Tamil Nadu’s media, Madhuvanthi said ‘no one took the matter seriously’ in the state despite the fact that a girl attempted suicide and was unable to to be “rescued from the hospital”.

“National media channels picked it up but why is there radio silence in Tamil Nadu. I want to know what they are afraid of that they don’t want to talk about it,” Madhuvanthi questioned.

Asking the “majority” about silence, she further questioned social commentators and social activists for buttoning their lips.

“Someone is wrong, you find someone guilty or not guilty, take the legal route. This has been done in previous issues. But is it the same for this child? No action is taken.”

Furthermore, she pointed out the bias and wondered why notable people were distressed about the ongoing case.

Only BJP raised concerns over incident in Tamil Nadu: Madhuvanthi

“Don’t we need to investigate further? Isn’t the evidence enough to understand what really happened? We saw the video of the daughter, the parents? What is their fear? That is that stopping everyone?” she continued.

Furthermore, she agreed that only the BJP raised the issue on media channels while the AIADMK and the alliance parties as well as the Communist Party, Congress “didn’t talk about it”.

“I have no qualms saying that BJP State Chairman Annamalai Ji is the only bold enough one with a backbone who has questioned the incident and exposed the facts. Fortunately, we have a person who stands against the drama and we are with him,” Madhuvanthi said.

“Is it time to introduce an anti-conversion law all over India”

Responding to the question whether it is time to put in place an anti-conversion law across India, Madhuvanthi said, “The father of these nations, Shri Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi said – if I had power, I will make sure that the conversion does not take place in the country – and I agree with that. It is time that the forced conversions stop in the country”, she added while stating that everyone is basically free to practice the religion of their choice.

Tamil Nadu & Lavanya Suicide Forced Conversion Case

A class 12 student attempted to take her own life on January 9 after alleging she was abused by her hostel keeper and trying to convert her family to Christianity. Tamil Nadu BJP leader K.Annamalai has shared the video of the girl from Ariyalur Pure Heart High School alleging that the local police are trying to snub the case and change the course of the case. The accused director was arrested under the Juveniles Act and other sections for aiding and abetting suicide.

The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court on Monday ordered the person who shot the video of the 17-year-old girl alleging forced conversion to appear for investigation and submit the mobile phone containing a 44-second video of the deceased in which she alleged that she had been forced to practice Christianity.

The motion filed by the victim’s father asking for an investigation by the Crime Branch, Crime Investigation Department (CB-CID) was heard before Judge GR Swaminathan on Monday. During the proceedings, the applicant informed the court that he had registered his statement with the judicial magistrate in accordance with the instructions given.

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