palande: enough material to show that Deshmukh PS helped collect bribes: Court | India News

MUMBAI: A PMLA special tribunal that dismissed the bail application of former Home State Personal Secretary Anil Deshmukh, Sanjeev Palande (51), said there was at first glance sufficient evidence to conclude that he knowingly helped to collect bribes, which in itself is illegal and amounts to the generation of proceeds of crime. Relying on statements from cop Sachin Waze and other co-defendants removed from office, the court said Palande and Deshmukh’s imprisoned personal assistant, Kundan Shinde, were closely involved in the illegal activities and were actively helping and collaborating. with Deshmukh.
“They were giving instructions to Sachin Waze at the request of Anil Deshmukh and overseeing the work of collecting money from the bar owners. These are the allegations contained in the complaint, which are supported by the statements of Sachin Waze, Sanjeev Palande and others, ”said Special Judge MG Deshpande.
While Palande and Shinde’s bail requests were denied on Tuesday, the itemized copy of the former’s order was made available on Wednesday. The two men were arrested by the Directorate of Execution on June 25. The court refuted the defense arguments that Palande was Waze’s victim. “There is no indication that the plaintiff had any enmity with Sachin Waze or against anyone, be it ‘No 1’ Anil Deshmukh or Param Bir Singh,” the court said.
The court said that although it is speculated that Waze attempted to implicate Palande, the fact that he said regarding the meetings at the Sahyadri guesthouse and the official residence of the (former) minister of the Interior is fully corroborated by other people’s statements. This is the case of ED that during the meetings, fundraising was discussed.

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