Photo of Kota Hostel room has ceiling fan covered behind grates, split internet

A photo depicting a bizarre measure apparently taken by Kota Hostel for its students is making the rounds online. While many claim it is a “suicide prevention” measure, others are unsure and call it a “bad” idea. In the photo shared on Twitter, hostel authorities sealed off the ceiling fan behind an iron grill. The idea seems to reduce the chances of students hanging from the ceiling fan. The caption read: “At a student hostel in Kota. Guess the reason? Check out the snap here:

Social media users, however, remained unimpressed with this technique. Some even called it depressing and others asked to stop making a joke about the situation. Many mentioned that this may be the worst solution if the intent was suicide prevention. Because now the students have the opportunity to hang themselves from the iron gate. “Won’t they just strap around the support?” It will also work the same way, except the institute will not need to purchase a new ventilator,” one Twitter user wrote.

Others have called it a heartbreaking reality of the Indian education system. One comment read: “Sickening honestly. That says a lot about the system that these coaching institutes and parents have created by pressuring kids to do something they don’t like.

Some Internet users were not convinced that this thwarted any suicide plans. They were divided on whether it was to prevent students from ruining hostel infrastructure or to protect people in the top bunk on bunk beds from unintentional injury. A few had more interesting answers to the question. They believed it was to save the cost of air conditioners during the summer. If students hang a wet towel on the iron grill, they could feel cooler air. A Twitter user wrote: “Several possibilities: 1. Avoid suicides. 2. To hold a damp cloth for the fan to act as a cooler. 3. Prevent students from throwing objects into the running fan. 4. Save the students from the falling fan.

Amidst all the speculation and guesswork, a few users said that this is not just the reality of Kota institutions. VIT University, Vellore has the same infrastructure. The institute had installed these iron grilles not only on the ventilators but also on the balconies.

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