Police confirm killings in Adamawa communal clash

Daji Sani

The Adamawa State Police Command yesterday confirmed four dead, two of them being treated in the recent communal clash between the Lunguda and Waja tribes in Lafiya town of Lamurde local government areas of the State.

Making the revelation, the command spokesperson, Police Commissioner, (SP) Sulieman Nguroge, confirmed it. Nguroge was decorated from Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) to Superintendent of Police alongside 104 other officers.

He said no arrests had been made so far as the police had adopted a strategy to respond quickly to the crisis which was not worsening in other nearby villages.

Nguroge said the situation is under control as normalcy has returned to the affected areas.

He said police have deployed a team of investigators to investigate and make arrests if necessary.

“The police want to make sure innocent people are not arrested and the police have also called on all stakeholders involved to discuss modalities to permanently end the continuing crisis,” he said.

However, the state command also paraded 15 suspected felons arrested for alleged kidnapping, homicide, trespassing and theft, rape and other offences.

The Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) and OC in charge of the State Command Crack Squad, Ahmed Danjuma Gombi, said that among the suspects who paraded was a certain Mr John Jika, who was arrested in the women’s hostel at the College of Nursing in Yola.

He said the suspect used to dress up in women’s dresses, explaining that he normally went to the women’s hostel to steal laptops and phones.

According to Gombi, Jika was caught with a laptop and six iPhones as he tried to escape.

“The police have been following him for some time now. We also found out that he is a syndicate and we will soon follow other members of his syndicate,” he said.

said Gombi while Mr. Albert. Vallamu arrested in Lamurde for alleged rape, he confessed to the police.

According to the victim, as he attempted to rape his victim who was carrying a two-year-old baby on her back, she denied him penetration, so he had to kill her and her baby.

He said the suspect also revealed he was a lifelong rapist in the areas.

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