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Steubenville Police

Enough already: Officers responded to a disturbance in the 400 block of South Fifth Street on Friday, but the couple who caused the problem said it was strictly verbal. The police pointed out to the couple that in the four months they had lived there, offices had been called to their home six times due to their fighting and told them it was in their best interest to ask advice or to repair or end their relationship. The husband told the police he would go for a walk and asked his wife to have his things packed for him when he returned so he could leave. Police were called to the residence an hour later to respond to complaints that he had returned, knocking on the door as his wife had piled her belongings on the steps. He claimed some of his belongings were still in the residence, but his wife insisted they were marital property. The police told him that would have to be decided by a court. His wife agreed to leave for the night and let him stay in the house.

Bad behavior: Police were dispatched to Trinity West after a combative patient caused problems for emergency room staff on Friday. James C. Starkey, 26, 7055 State Route 151, Rayland, was charged with disorderly and threatening conduct after allegedly throwing food and liquids into an exam room and hallway, shouting profanities, threatening to assaulting and killing nurses and otherwise obstructing operations, police say. He also allegedly tried to bite a policeman. Police said several nurses told them that Starkey told them when he was released that he was going home and “(come back) with his gun to shoot them.”

Driving in circles: An officer followed a vehicle he saw driving in circles in the Oregon Avenue area on Saturday. The vehicle entered University Boulevard and stopped at a dormitory before returning to University Boulevard. The officer stopped the vehicle along Columbus Circle and observed that a passenger was blindfolded. The driver explained that a surprise party was being organized for their friend and they were driving the individual around to pass the time while things were being set up. The agent found the vehicle information to be up to date and let them proceed.

Throwback: A Sunset Boulevard resident reported cars driving past his home and blasting horns and then speeding away since he previously reported it on Saturday. Residents say they are worried about their safety. A neighbor did not witness the most recent event, but advised to check his security cameras. He also said “parade of vehicles” continued following the previous report, and also informed his family members that they feared for their safety. This resident, according to the report, reported objects being thrown in the previous incident and showed police an air horn in a bag that had been discarded at his home. Police said they would increase patrols in the area.

Tired: A caller reported seeing a man lying in the grass in the 800 block of University Boulevard on Friday. Police located the man, who said he and a female companion were walking up the hill and lay down to rest. He told the police he was fine.

Shattered: A Scenic Drive resident said someone threw a rock through his front window on Friday.

Booked: Christopher Sutphin, 43, 1004 Second St., Brilliant, physical control and inability to control, Thursday; James T. Snyder III, 38, 725 South St., Steubenville, arrest warrant for failure to appear in Cambridge City Court, Friday; Carlos Sanders, 32, 330 Vernon Ave., Steubenville, leaving the premises, Thursday; Shaylene M. Rice, 32, no address listed, petty theft, Thursday.

Code Issues: A Notice of Violation was sent to the owner/occupiers of a property at 1313 Arlington Ave., cardboard boxes, sofa and other items in front of the structure.

Quoted: Charles Johnson, 44, Willoughby Hill, Ohio, inappropriate support; Krista L. Lackey, 28, 231 Rex Ave., Wintersville, inappropriate passing; Scott D. Martin, 57, County Road 19, Brilliant, expired plates, no operator’s license; Jessica LaSalle, 36, 2064 Eve Drive, turning at intersections.

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