Police search for missing teenager from school

Police have set up a special team to search for a 15-year-old boy who disappeared from a high school in Yanshan county, Jiangxi province, more than a month ago, local authorities said Wednesday.

On October 14, Hu Xinyu, a student from Zhiyuan High School, was reported missing. According to video footage provided by the school, he was last seen around 5:48 p.m. in the dorms. It is believed that Hu was going to classrooms in a nearby building for an evening study session.

Local police said they searched all vehicles entering and leaving the school that night. Police dogs and drones were also deployed but there was no sign of Hu.

Teachers combed school property, including every classroom and dormitory. Even the artificial lake and the septic tank have been emptied, according to the school.

According to the missing person notice posted by Hu’s family, they were notified of his disappearance by the school at 11:41 p.m. on October 14.

He did not have his identity card, money or mobile phone with him. He only took a digital voice recorder with him when he was last seen.

On November 20, news that Hu’s body was found and recovered from a river began circulating on social media, but it later turned out to be a rumor.

On Wednesday, the Chinese Communist Party’s publicity department in Yanshan said the search for Hu was ongoing and a special team had been set up by police at the provincial, municipal and county levels.

The conclusion of the investigation will be published in due course. Meanwhile, authorities have urged the public not to believe or spread rumours.

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