Provincetown Fire Department study recommends $19 million for building expansion

PROVINCETOWN — A consultant is recommending the city spend $19 million to build a new five-bay fire station on Jerome Smith Road to augment the main train station on Shank Painter Road.

The city hired architect Ted Galante of Galante Architect Studio Inc. to do a study of the fire department facilities.

This effort is the first step in a long process of building the fire department, said board chairman David Abramson.

In December 2019, Fire Chief Michael Trovato asked the special committee for $50,000 for an assessment of fire department buildings on the city’s special meeting mandate for next spring.

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Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the regularly scheduled April town meeting was held in September 2020, where this $50,000 requested item passed.

At this year’s annual municipal meeting, an additional $50,000 was approved by voters to conduct a fire department staffing analysis.

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In the long term, the fire department would like to evolve from a volunteer to a full-time agency, especially when it comes to having enough medical personnel for emergency calls, Trovato told the Select Board in january.

“It’s not a good feeling to be left without ambulances,” Trovato said in January, describing times when all available ambulances are on call.

The size of new fire trucks has exceeded existing stations

In a presentation at the April 25 select committee meeting, Galante offered four options on facilities, but recommended only one: renovations to the existing station at 25 Shank Painter Road and construction of a new five-bay station at 16 Jerome Smith Road.

Provincetown Fire Chief Michael Trovato

The size of today’s fire trucks requires a larger building, Galante said. Stations 4 and 5 cannot accommodate modern equipment, he said.

“Vehicle inventory is what pretty much determines the size of buildings required as well as some other things needed in the building,” Galante said.

Having a five-bay building on Jerome Smith Road and a headquarters on Shank Painter would meet all of the department’s needs, he said. The city could then close Stations 4 at 4 Johnson Street and Station 5 at 514 Commercial St., he said.

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What are the costs?

“These are sort of ballpark estimates, no plans were sent out to bid,” Abramson said.

The recommended option’s nearly $19 million price tag had seven components:

Administration: $476,000. This would include:

  • Legal fees.
  • The owner’s project manager.
  • Additional services of the owner’s project manager.
  • Advertising, printing and copying.
  • Acquire a property.
  • City administrative fees.
  • Financing and surety fees.
  • Manufacturer risk policy.
  • Moving expenses.

Architecture and engineering fees$1.3 million for design fees and additional architectural and engineering expenses.

Testing and commissioning costs: $178,000. This would encompass:

  • Soil analysis and prospecting.
  • A geotechnical engineer.
  • A civil engineer.
  • Licensed Site Professional.
  • Land survey.
  • On-site testing and inspections.
  • Independent commissioner.

Construction costs: $13 million, including the new building on Jerome Smith Road.

Development website: $110,000. This would include:

  • Utility company charges.
  • Ground cleaning.
  • Landscaping, retaining walls and site layout.
  • Water, sewer and septic tank.

Furniture and equipment: $544,500. This would include:

  • Material pension account.
  • Distribute consoles and equipment.
  • Appliances.
  • Telephone service.
  • Communications equipment.
  • Antenna connections.
  • Loading the tower.
  • Tower lighting.
  • Cascade air line connection.

Contingency: The construction contingency is $1.3 million and the design contingency is $1.9 million.

What happens next, after the fire department building is surveyed?

Board member Leslie Sandberg asks about renovations at Shank Painter’s fire station.

Shank Painter’s fire station renovations would be minor, Galante said, mostly sleeping quarters and improvements to prevent the transfer of carcinogens. Those renovation costs were not included in the $19 million estimate, he said.

The select committee took no votes on April 25, and no related decisions were made at the public meeting following Galante’s presentation.

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