Quebec’s prison congestion rate dropped from 1000% to 55% – BJMP – Manila Bulletin

The Office of Prison Management and Penology (BJMP) inaugurated the new Quezon City Prison building on Wednesday, December 15, an initiative that is part of the office’s efforts to improve living conditions and address issues of congestion of inmates in his prison. facilities.

The BJMP spokesperson said in a statement that construction of a much larger prison was completed two years after the Quezon City government and office signed the deed of usufruct for the donation of a 2.4 hectare property in Barangay Payatas for 25 years renewable for another 25 years.

He added that a “QC-LGU (Quezon City-Local Government Unit) funding request was followed by the BJMP for the construction of the fence that would demarcate the 2.4 hectare property from the 3.4 hectare property. “.

“In 2014, the men’s dormitory in Quezon City prison was envisioned as a penal institution that complies with the living conditions set by United Nations standards for the detention of persons deprived of their liberty (PDL),” he said. -he adds.

Currently, the former Quezon City Prison men’s dormitory is in Barangay Kamuning, which houses 3,184 PDLs and has a congestion rate of 1,066 percent, a figure far below quality of life standards.

From the current 1,000 percent congestion rate in the old building, it will be reduced to 55 percent with the completion of the new Quezon City jail.

BJMP Director Allan Iran noted that the new facility “gives our services more than enough space to move and breathe.”

“We can now spare our PDL from many physical, mental and emotional problems associated with overpopulation,” Iral stressed.

Iral also cited BJMP partners in government and the private sector, particularly the Quezon City government, while congratulating the regional director of BJMP-National Capital Region (RCN), the chief superintendent of prisons Luisito Muñoz and his team for their efforts to complete the first phase of the project.

“We really pushed for this project and finally, makakahinga na nang maluwag-luwag ang ating mga PDL (our PDL would breathe more comfortably). Although we still need to complete other additional facilities in this prison for the next phase of the project, we already have a good place to house our PDL, ”he added, claiming that the new prison building in Quezon City is one of the best-designed prisons. agency spaces.

“As we stay true to our safeguard and development mandate, we count on the support of all sectors to ensure that living conditions behind bars are continuously improved; may the self-esteem for each of the lives therein be restored; and each becoming an important member of society, as PDL or as free men ”, underlined Iral. (Chito A. Chavez)



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