Rajya Sabha member expelled from circuit house, says male staff touched his indoor clothes in his absence

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Newly elected Rajya Sabha member Sumitra Balmik was allegedly expelled from Sagar’s circuit house and her belongings taken out of her room in her absence on Sunday evening, which she said, in a disgraceful and reprehensible manner.

“My biggest objection is to the act of the male circuit house staff who touched my indoor clothes which were part of my personal belongings moved from the room I was staying in to the staff room, in my absence “, said the deputy speaking to Free Press on Monday evening.

A video clip went viral on social media on Monday in which the MP is heard objecting to the act of circuit house staff and saying “if a minister visits the circuit house, it doesn’t mean my business are thrown out of a room in such a way”.

Sumitra Balmik said she was busy with the election campaign. When she returned home from the circuit Sunday night, she learned the same thing.

She said that the circuit house guard told her that they took her things out of her room on the order of the local SDM Tripathi who is an officer.

“Since I was campaigning, maybe I was not allowed to stay in the government guest house. But there was no fault on my part. When I reached Sagar (Saturday evening) from Gwalior, the party workers took me to the circuit house. But if I didn’t have the right to stay in the circuit house, the district administration could have refused the room during the same night. I could have stayed in any hotel room back then,” she said.

The female MP said she asked the staff if there were any female staff. They answered in the negative. “Then I asked how a male staff member could touch a woman’s underwear, also that of a woman who holds a constitutional position. There was no response,” he said. she declared.

She said she was kicked out in a way that could have been avoided. “It could have been done gracefully,” she added.

She said she informed the party leaders about the incident and they became aware of it.

When contacted, Sagar collector Deepak Arya said, “The MP was supposed to stay in room no. 3 but she stayed in room no. 5, from where the staff moved their belongings. I did, however, take action against the caretaker on the grounds that it was not done properly. »
Nevertheless, BJP spokesperson Neha Bagga said while commenting on the tweet that action would be taken against the official concerned.

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