Red Cross seeks volunteers to respond during disaster season

Disaster is just a hurricane, wildfire, or tsunami away, and now more than ever, the American Red Cross needs people to help.

American Red Cross

“We are preparing for disaster season, and having a trained and ready volunteer workforce is essential to ensure that we can provide relief at any time,” said Diane Peters-Nguyen, CEO of American Red Cross, Pacific Islands Region. in a press release. “Disasters can happen quickly, and we need more local volunteers ready to respond!”

The Red Cross is looking for new volunteers to support disaster shelters to help with reception, registration, dormitory, information gathering and compassionate care for clients.

Volunteers are also needed to work in disaster shelters to meet people’s health needs and provide practical care, such as registered nurses, licensed practical nurses/licensed vocational nurses, and paramedics. Daily observation and screening for COVID-19-like illnesses among shelter residents might also be necessary.

Worker and supervisor level opportunities are available.


If major disasters occur this year, the Red Cross plans to open mass shelters and will also continue many of the safety measures implemented during the pandemic, including masking, cleaning procedures and encouraging social distancing. social when and where possible.


Volunteers to be part of local Disaster Action Teams to help provide around-the-clock emergency response to disasters, especially house fires, ensuring those affected can access resources for basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing.

So far this year, the Pacific Islands Region of the Red Cross has provided immediate emergency assistance to 515 people after 80 house fires and other disasters.

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