Redditch Mosque gets green light for HMO plan

A PLAN to alter the use of a mosque in Redditch to include a multi-occupancy house has been cleared.

An application has been made to Redditch Borough Council to change the use of the Redditch Mosque on Easemore Road to a mixed use for the mosque and a multiple occupancy house (HMO).

A multiple occupancy home is a property with more than three tenants who are not from the same household and who share the bathroom and kitchen.

Plans indicate that the HMO would consist of 26 rooms, including three on the ground floor, 11 rooms on the first floor and 12 on the second floor.

The mosque’s prayer hall would be kept on the ground floor, while common facilities for the HMO would be available at each end of the building.

It comes as permission was already in place for the mosque to be mixed-use with residential dormitories.

Granting permission, the notice of decision reads: “While it is noted that this would represent a large HMO, the total number of rooms proposed would be similar to those approved under the previous application. Considering that the facilities of the mosque are included in each program, it is considered that the general activity in the building would be similar to the previously approved program and the current proposal. »

The regime received no objections from the highways.

There would be no major changes to the exterior of the building except for a “general facelift”, the plan says.

The decision note adds: “The site is in a mainly residential area of ​​the borough and, as such, the principle of mixed-use development would be acceptable in this location. In addition, the building faces a bus line and is close to the city center, making it a sustainable residential development. »

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