Rims students live in fear inside the ruined hostel building | Ranchi News

Ranchi: more than 70 state students Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (Rims) asked the college management to change accommodation. The walls have become damp and the snakes are seen regularly, especially during the rains.
MBBS students in batch 2019 said they were supposed to be moved to individual accommodation from hostel numbers two and three, where the buildings are collapsing. They said they wrote countless times to Rims management, but to no avail.
A first-year student, who lives in hostel number two, said: ‘More than half a dozen of my group mates have been diagnosed with a fungal infection due to the damp walls in our hostel room. But the authorities did not listen to our misfortunes.
Another student said: ‘A four foot long python was recently found outside our hostel. Many parts of the buildings have become damp and young trees are sticking out of the walls. The access road to the hostel blocks and the area around the buildings are full of bushes, which could become a haven for snakes.
A student residing in the Number Three Girls’ Home said, “We are ashamed to tell people that more than two dozen aspiring female doctors depend on just one toilet for their daily use. Many toilets have become defective. Water is also leaking from the roof.
Rims Dean of Student Welfare Dr Shiv Priye said, “I, along with hostel officials, visited the campus of the old maids hostel. We will submit a proposal to the management, requesting funds for the renovation of hostel numbers two and three. We will be moving residents to hostels number seven and eight on the same campus. We will also be launching a cleanliness campaign soon.
Currently, there are eight girls’ hostels and six boys’ hostels on campus.


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