SFI goons lock down college principal for suspending 2 classmates

On Wednesday November 2, hooligans associated with the Student Federation of India (SFI) locked the principal of a college in his room for 6 hours. The incident happened at Kattappana Government College in Idukki district of Kerala.

According to reports, the manager of the women’s hostel had reprimanded two female students for arriving late at the hostel on October 28, 2022. The manager, who also happens to be a teacher at the college, had demanded an explanation from the duo for having flouted the hostel rules.

Following the incident, two SFI goons namely Jishnu KB and Ranjith broke into the women’s hostel and verbally assaulted the manager. On Tuesday November 1, the principal of Kattappana Government College, V Kannan, was forced to take disciplinary action against the two.

Jishnu and Ranjith were suspended by the college administration until November 10, 2022, for threatening the principal and illegally entering the women’s hostel.

In a bid to avenge the disciplinary action taken against their comrades, the henchmen of SFI (the student wing of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)) locked V Kannan in his office for 6 hours. He was also denied food during the illegal detention.

Although the staff council was against the idea of ​​removing or suspending the SFI leaders, they were forced to relent after the police refused to remove the goons. The suspension for Jishnu KB and Ranjith has been reduced to 5 days from the first 8 years.

In a tweet, journalist Aswin Nandakumar wrote: “. Kerala Police begging, imploring, begging a group of SFI students (18-20) to let him check if the principal they locked in his room is safe. Yes, the principal has been locked out by students.

He added, “The girls arrive late at the hostel. The manager cited rules and said he flouted safety standards. Action had to be taken, the president of the college and the leaders of SFI threatened the director. The duo received an 8-day suspension. Sfi demonstration. Locks the main for 3 hours. The police also plead. Suspension reduced to 5 days. Strike withdrawn.

SFI Militants and Their Hooliganism in Kerala Colleges

On October 25, thugs associated with the Leftist Students Federation of India (SFI) made threats against a university principal in the presence of police. The incident happened at the Maharajas Technological Institute in Thrissur district in Kerala.

According to reports, five SFI goons led by their Thrissur District Secretary, Hassan Mubarak, broke into the director’s room and threatened the acting director, Dr. P Dileep, with physical harm.

A video of the incident has now gone viral on social media. “We’ll tell you one thing. If you continue to hooliganize the students here, I will break your legs,” Hasaan said. understood said in the video.

“I’m warning you. It won’t be like what you’ve done against the students so far. It’s going to be a brand new game you’ll witness tomorrow. I’ll show you what I can do when you get off campus,” he continued his threats against the principal.

Hassan Mubarak further warned, “Do not show hooliganism to students. If you dare touch the students again…you should ask for forgiveness in writing…I’ll break your legs. Dare to show hooliganism? will set you on fire.

In August of this year, the morons of SFI locked up the main from Karyavattom Government College in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. The director’s only mistake was to refuse the re-admission of an SFI manager to the same course, after having graduated the previous year.

Apparently, the SFI henchmen demanded that their leader be enrolled in the same course because he had some paperwork to do. However, the director of the government college in Karyavattom refused to grant their request.

Angered by the decision, SFI activists locked the principal in his cabin for over an hour. They also waved slogans demanding the readmission of their leader.

Student activists also accused the principal of acting out of political gain. Informed of the affair, the police rushed to the college, but the student activists tried to forcibly prevent them from entering the college campus, resulting in a fight.

The police had to resort to a charge of lathi to quell the situation. According to reports, 4 cops, including the assistant commissioner of Kazhakootam, were injured during the chaos that broke out in the college. Nevertheless, the police were able to rescue the principal and escort him to safety.

They also arrested the student activists, who were responsible for the illegal confinement of the college principal. A large contingent of police has been deployed to the government college in Karyavattom to keep the situation under control.

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