SFS candidate says he has stopped canvassing hostels

THE PRESIDENTIAL candidate for Students for Society (SFS) said on Saturday that he had been prevented from campaigning at hostels number 3 and 9.

However, when asked, senior DSW office officials said that all student bodies had been barred from campaigning in hostels and that it was not that the authorities were targeting specific organisations.

SFS in its statement said: “On the one hand, the university authorities are removing all obstacles to the eligibility of the candidate for the presidency of the ABVP while on the other hand, our candidate for the presidency is not authorized to solicit.

“It shows the hypocrisy and the state of panic among right-wing parties and UP authorities,” the statement said.

A senior UP security official said: “Applicants from other student unions have also been prevented from going door to door inside the hostels. The rules are for all student unions.”

Meanwhile, different time slots have been assigned to each student union for the PU campus rally and campaign.

In colleges too, the campaign for presidential candidates is in full swing. Party candidates were seen wooing voters. They were promised a list of cheap prices for canteen products, additional equipment for sports activities, etc.

Nominations for the Panjab University Campus Student Council (PUCSC) were filed on Wednesday, where a total of 42 candidates gave their names for the position of President, 34 for the position of Vice-President and Co-Secretary, 35 for Secretary and 177 for departmental. representatives. Along with PU, applications for various student council positions at its 11 affiliated colleges located in the city have also been filed.

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