Shelter for female cops set up at NH&MP training school

LAHORE: National Highways and Highways Police (NHMP) IG Inam Ghani, Mark Tervakoski, Director of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) Affairs and Marysia Zapasnik, National Director of the United Nations Bureau for Human Services Support for Projects (UNOPS), on Monday inaugurated a hostel at the NHMP training college in Sheikhupura with a capacity of 100 female trainee officers. The hostel is built by UNOPS with funding from the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) of the US Department of State under the supervision of Commander Training College DIG Mahboob Aslam.

Speaking at the ceremony, IG Inam Ghani said female police officers are essential partners for progress. There was a pressing need for additional accommodation for female officers. This hostel will allow more female trainees to benefit from the advanced training of the NHMP training college, he said, adding that the new building could accommodate an additional 100 trainees at the training college. Speaking on the occasion, the US Embassy’s Director of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL), Mark Tervakoski, said: “The facility would help NHMP accommodate new new female recruits and as more and more Pakistani women join the ranks of officers,” adding that they will inevitably expand. the police’s understanding of gender issues and to improve the quality of services offered to Pakistanis of all genders.

Marysia Zapasnik, Head of UNOPS Pakistan, said: “Not so long ago female police officers in Pakistan were seen as unsuitable for the police profession due to social norms. At UNOPS Pakistan, we believe that breaking down prejudice is fundamental to forging women’s equality and ending discrimination. Our projects build adequate infrastructure for female police officers so that more women can join the policing profession, break down stereotypes, create role models for other women, and provide better and more inclusive service to the people of Pakistan. DIG Police Training College Commandant Mahboob Aslam said the building is designed on sustainability, green building technology and risk reduction.

The building is resistant to earthquakes, floods, winds, lightning and fire hazards, and it will also provide thermal comfort to occupants with its unique design features, he said.

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