SKIMS students did not celebrate after India-Pak game, internal report says


An investigative group formed by the Sher E Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) found in its report that students at its institution were not part of the jubilations and its premises were not used in the jubilations after the defeat from India through Pakistan in a T20. current world cup match.

According to News18, the report is based on a detailed study and analysis of the video that surfaced on social media platforms shortly after Pakistan won the T-20 match against India in the championship in course in Dubai.

He concluded that neither its premises were being used nor that the students of the institute had participated in the celebrations.

The director of SKIMS, Dr AG Ahangar, had assembled a team of five members, drawn from the senior faculty, to investigate whether the students had really encouraged Pakistan. The probe panel was commissioned to verify the veracity of the video and whether the SKIMS was related to the controversy.

On Monday, police had recorded two separate cases of counterterrorism accusations against staff and students at SKIMS and Government Medical College in Srinagar after two different videos surfaced on social media where students were seen applauding the victory of the Pakistan vs Indian cricket team.

In its report, the SKIMS investigative team argued that the central hall or recreation mess of the Singles Youth Hostel, as the viral video shows, does not look “even from a distance” like those of SKIMS premises.

The team, analyzing the video, points out that there is no central pillar in the lobby of the SKIMS hostel compared to the one shown in the video. Likewise, the color of the SKIMS lobby wall is green compared to the white seen in the video.

The report concluded that none of the students in the video looked like those studying in SKIMS. “The difference in location in the video with the hostel’s spot scan led us to conclude that no such celebration had taken place at SKIMS,” sources told News18.

The investigation team completed the investigation on time and handed it over to the manager who in turn forwarded it to LG administration. Neither Ahangar nor any of the panel members were available for comment. A SKIMS official declined to release details, saying the report was submitted to superiors.

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