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Adoptive parents in town are urgently needed.

Kromdraai Kennels, Standerton which takes care of stray animals is currently fully booked.

Hillel Coetzer, CEO of the Northern Light Foundation (NLF), reiterated that kennels are not for owners who want to get rid of their pets, but are a haven for these dogs and cats, founded in the street.

The foundation launched this initiative with the help of Michael and Alida Podges from Kromdraai.

Six cats, four of which will arrive soon, are housed in the establishment, as well as dogs.

A serious need at the moment is food for puppies and kittens, older animals have enough pellets at the moment.

Their pantry is partly filled with blankets and food for the animals.

No adoption fees will be charged in the future, however a form must be signed in which responsibility is taken for the sterilization of the animal.

“Animals cannot be housed in kennels indefinitely,” Coetzer said.

It provides for a monthly market to raise funds for the maintenance of stray animals and a “Boeresportdag” is also envisaged.

It will take place at the Guest House towards the end of May.

Kennels also need money for worming and dips and with sufficient funds the facility can be expanded and further kennels built.

Anyone wishing to contribute can either donate to the foundation’s bank account or drop off food at the Guest House in Coligny Street, or at the Standerton Advertiser offices, 13B Burger Street.

Coetzer thanked all of the businesses and residents who have contributed so far.

NLF’s bank details are: First National Bank, checking account 62901405763, branch code 255355.

These two puppies were found near a black bag.
Monic Gerber (Kromdraai Kennels) appreciates this dog’s playful attitude.

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