Students receive biscuits beyond the expiration date in the government hostel | Hubballi News

Haveri: Some students allegedly consumed expired biscuits given to them at the post-matric hostel in Ranebennur of Haveri district.
They were served the cookies on Friday night. When some students realized that the cookies were well past their expiration date, they stopped eating them.
All students are safe and sound.
According to sources, in the post-matrix household held by the social assistance department, students receive cookies for evening snacks every day. But, on Friday, they were given the expired cookies.
“The biscuits should be used within five months from the date of packaging, but these packets which were served to us on Friday were packed in August 2021. Thus, these packets of biscuits are valid for consumption until January 2022, but hostel authorities are serving expired cookies to students,” shared a student residing at the hostel.
When contacted, the hostel manager PH Nadaf denied serving expired cookies in the inn.
“Not only at Ranebennur post-matric hostel, poor students who reside in different hostels run by the district social welfare department can receive expired biscuits. The higher authorities have been blind to these matters,” said SFI Haveri district coordinator. Basavaraj Bhovi.


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