The Most Disturbing Horror Movies of the 2000s, Ranked

The cinematic experience remains an unparalleled form of entertainment that always pushes the boundaries and surprises audiences. Certain types of movies connect more with audiences over different decades, but the horror genre is still trending and capable of commenting on society in chilling and exaggerated ways.

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The 2000s were a decade of delicate transition for some entertainment mediums and the horror genre took risks, some of which worked better than others. There are plenty of throwaway horror releases to come out of the 2000s, but there are also some really disturbing films from that decade.

ten Strangers attack the innocent without rhyme or reason

The home invasion horror subgenre gained a lot of traction during the 2000s. The foreigners is often seen as the prototypical version of this troubling premise. The simplicity and vague detail that surrounds the masked antagonists in The foreigners only reinforces the story of the film.

The titular aliens have a Terminator-like dedication and target a perfectly innocent family. However, the most disturbing aspect of it all is that these villains don’t have a motive. They pick their targets “because they were home,” which is a terrifying reality that could happen to audiences as well.

9 An orphan turns selfless adoption into a fight for survival

Horror movies that revolve around the protective relationship of parents and their children often operate on a deeply emotional level. There’s a lot of scary kids in horror, and the 2009s Orphan turns to the familiar idea of ​​the adoption of an optimistic couple coinciding with a series of suspicious events.

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OrphanThe film’s biggest claim to fame is its twisted ending, which is not only effective, but also utterly plausible and grounds the film in reality. A prequel expansion, Orphan: first murder, set to hit theaters over 12 years after the original’s release. Hopefully this chilling premise will continue to resonate in another decade of horror.

8 The midnight meat train lights up the seedy underbelly of the city

Clive Barker is an acclaimed horror author whose works have inspired particularly disturbing films like hellraiserNightblood, and Candyman. 2008 The Midnight Meat Train adapts one of Barker’s most gruesome short stories. The disturbing film involves an underground meat market that finds its victims during late-night subway rides.

The Midnight Meat Train does not shy away from blood, guts and blunt attacks, which director Ryuhei Kitamura presents with unwavering rawness. Additionally, the film stars Bradley Cooper just before he officially topped a Hollywood A-Lister. The beefy Vinnie Jones makes for him a fascinating foil.

seven A hostel trivializes torture and puts a price on human life

Eli Roth is a filmmaker who has shown he is more than capable of stepping out of the horror genre, but has become a modern genre voice through films heralded as Cabin Fever, The Green Hell, and Hotel. Hotel was one of the biggest influencers when embracing ultra-violent horror films in the 2000s.

Roth’s exploitative premise has fueled a trilogy of films, all of which explore a disturbing clientele who are willing to pay top dollar to fulfill their most depraved fantasies. The Hotel the films thrive on violence and are depictions of pure identity, but they are also an ominous reflection of the power of money in the world.

6 The Descent pits a group of grieving girls against cave creatures

Neil Marshall is a stylish British director who has garnered a lot of attention for his work on game of thronesbut it’s also responsible for some of the scariest horror movies of the 2000s. Lowering is a terrifying vision of grief and emotional trauma that is presented in a story about a group of friends who go caving in a cave and learn that they are not alone.

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The world is such a vast place that it’s not hard to believe that some subterranean creatures could exist there. That, combined with the claustrophobic presentation of this survival story, makes Lowering super efficient.

5 Jeepers Creepers create a creature with a brutal and bloody history

Jeepers Creepers has become a tainted franchise with a huge amount of baggage behind it. There are plenty of flaws in these films, but the core lore behind its signature Creeper creature is too disturbing to ignore. The Creeper is a winged monster that often disguises itself in a trench coat to mask its inhuman state.

What’s most fascinating about this monster is that it will hibernate for 23 years at a time, only to wake up and feast for 23 days before returning to its slumber. The Creeper’s use as a generational threat, combined with his aesthetic choices, are all pretty effective.

4 Final Destination Finds Joy in Fortuitous Karmic Retribution

The five Final destination The films are one of the most misunderstood horror franchises of the 2000s. These films don’t pretend to be high art, but they’re packed with dozens of clever set pieces and they create a surprisingly deep timeline that rewards longtime fans. .

There’s a somewhat comedic nature to the way Death uses a Rube Goldberg-esque approach to taking lives and rebalancing the scales. These movies are sure to make viewers more paranoid and wary of everyday objects around them. As Final destination frequently stresses, no one can beat death.

3 House Of Wax turns a tourist trap into a deadly detour

2005 wax house was unfairly considered “that horror movie where Paris Hilton is killed”, but this cheap gadget is part of an extremely disturbing horror movie. Despite its name, wax house is more of a remake of the 1979 cult classic tourist trap than Vincent Price’s wax museum film.

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wax house unleashes a funhouse of horrors where haunting waxworks are just one of the morbid sites on display. wax houseThe twisted villain even manages to turn superglue into a terrifying tool.

2 Ju-On: The Grudge highlights the hopeless nature of spiritual curses

At Takashi Shimizu’s Ju-On: The Grudge is sometimes considered weaker vision Ringo. However, part of what makes Ju-onThe damned ghost stories are so effective that they are completely hopeless. Movies tell audiences there’s no escaping one of those cursed grudges the characters all learn, no matter how hard they try.

It’s an extremely dark series where evil is allowed to rule. the original Ju-on remains the strongest entry in the growing franchise, but the 2004 American remake, The Grudge,is an effective update also directed by Takashi Shimizu.

1 Saw unveils the depths of humanity’s depravity through his torture traps

by James Wan Seen was released in 2004, but it was such a huge hit that every year of the decade was marked by a new installment in the series. The franchise would reach its final entry, 3D sawby 2010.

The first one Seen is a surprisingly tame affair, but dozens of monstrous trappings are detailed in these seven films. There’s a moralistic backbone to these movies, but it’s impossible to watch the needle pit from Saw II, Saw IIIacid trap or one of the reverse bear traps and not be shaken.

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