These 10 Ice Creams Always Mean Summer To A True New Jerseyan

Marinos Italian Ice Cream

Depending on where you were from, you called these popsicles Italian gelato or ice cream, but Marinos were only called ice cream. You could get them on the ice cream truck and they were the only prizes in a cup you could get from the ice cream truck. When you got halfway through scraping with this flat wooden spoon, you can flip it over and eat the melty part that would form at the bottom.

Cheerful trio

You know the one I’m talking about… they still exist today but they were ubiquitous back then. This awesome NJ summer trio:

  • Chocolate Eclair (which wasn’t even CLOSE to an eclair!)
  • Toasted almonds (good in a pinch!)
  • Strawberry Shortcake (I mean, I always thought there was something wrong with those kids.)

Pop Bomb

It was like a popsicle except it was much bigger and contained the colors red, white, and blue. So it was your patriotic duty to eat it. So much more satisfying than a Popsicle because there was so much more on the stick. You could lick the bomb for what felt like hours, but if the day was really hot, you’d have to do it real quick to keep the color from dripping onto your shirt.

Crunchy candies

The miracle of ice cream technology at the time, this ice cream contained vanilla ice cream on a stick covered in chocolate but deep inside was an actual chocolate bar. Was the chocolate bar good? No. Was it the consistency of plastic? Yes. But that didn’t matter. The fact that she was waiting for you when you were patient enough to lick the whole outside was enough to make your childhood ice cream dreams come true.

Bassett ice cream

Still famous in the southern part of New Jersey, the real secret to Basic Ice Cream and why it was and still is the best is the high fat content of the butter. As an example, your base Ben & Jerry’s serving is about 10-12g of butterfat, but Bassetts has bumped it up to 13 or 14. That’s what really rich and creamy means.

Waffles and ice cream on the boardwalk

No matter how many times you try to replicate that in your kitchen, the taste of real boardwalk waffles and ice cream just doesn’t exist. Whether they took the ice cream between Belgian waffles or regular garden waffles, it was a flavor combination that truly meant summer and could never be replicated.

Kohr ice cream

You can still find Kohr’s on select New Jersey boardwalks and a taste of its creamy delights will take you back to summers of your past. It was so creamy, in fact, that they called it “cream.” There’s nothing quite like walking on a grilled boardwalk, licking a Kohr ice cream, or drinking their fresh orangeade.

Sealtest Neapolitan Squares

Sealtest was the first, but many companies followed later. The Neapolitan ice brick. And unless I’m mistaken, Sealtest was the only one that wrapped the squares individually. For the uninitiated, the Neapolitan was simply a pile of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream rolled into one. So you didn’t have to make that difficult decision!

Leo’s Yum Yum in Medford

Forget all the fancy new ice cream mixes. Since 1936, Leo’s Famous Yum Yum has been serving the best gelato and gelato (or as they call it over there, popsicle) in South Jersey. Maybe in the whole state. With Frank Sinatra playing in the background and its ice cream flavors named after famous Italian-American singers, Leo’s is truly something to experience. A must have is Mario Lanza ice cream, dark chocolate with almonds and coffee layered ice cream. almond chocolate, no

Yum Yum from Leo to Medford via Google Maps

Yum Yum from Leo to Medford via Google Maps

Strollo Lighthouse

No list of cool summer treats would be complete without the addition of Strollo’s lighthouse. While the lighthouse has been famous for its ice cream, for nearly 40 years people have also been enjoying their soft serve ice cream. Even people who don’t like the soft serve will appreciate it when they’re at the lighthouse. Maybe it has something to do with the long queue you have to wait to access it. The best things are worth waiting for, aren’t they?

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