Thunder kills 17-year-old SHS student in Ho

According to, the incident happened during a downpour in the late hours of Monday.

The news site reports that the two female friends of the deceased who were also struck by lightning are currently admitted to Ho University Hospital.

Dorli, who is believed to be a coconut peddler, a business he pursues after school hours and on weekends, was going about his daily business when his unfortunate death occurred.

His mum said her son was selling coconuts at his usual place after school while she was at work, only to be called later and told of his shocking death.

It is said that according to tradition, the corpse of the deceased should remain where it was struck until the traditional prayers are offered before it can be taken to the morgue.

Meanwhile, one of the locals reportedly attributed the incident to a possible spiritual battle that may have ensued between the deceased and someone.

“These things are spiritual and it only happens when someone is behind it and the victim may have had issues with someone who decided to go the spiritual way,” said the resident.

It is reported that prior to the incident, the deceased had an argument with a competitor whom he had warned to refrain from competing with him.

It is still unclear if this has any connection to the incident that led to Dorli’s death.

Last year, a 20-year-old student from Hilla Liman High School in Gwollu in the Sissala West district of the Upper West region was killed by lightning.

The incident happened during heavy rain.

The deceased student, identified as Master Daana Gbene Mustapha, was a 2E General Arts student from Kulfuo in Sissala East District.

“Around 5:00 p.m. GMT on Wednesday when it started to rain, the late student was seen in the rain rushing to the dormitory from the classroom when lightning struck, burning the outfit he was wearing and the bucket in it. rubber he was holding; killing him instantly, “ the Ghana News Agency quoted a source in the Hilla Liman SHS as having recounted.

Besides the deceased, another student, Amadu Zenab, also in General Arts 3A, who was in the dormitory during the rain, was electrocuted and passed out.

She was admitted to Gwollu Government Hospital where she would respond to treatment.

Dr Yawson Prince Etornam, Medical Director of Gwollu Hospital, said that “the shock caused by lightning, which resulted in the deceased’s irregular heartbeat and ultimately cardiac arrest.”

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