University of Chandigarh video series: ‘Shaken’, students fear using hostel toilets : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Naina Mishra

Chandigarh, September 19

With reports of alleged MMS leaks from a Chandigarh University hostel, female students are in the throes of fear as they fear their ‘objectionable videos’ may have been posted on various portals.

I feel like I’m to be filmed

Every time I go into the toilet, I feel like I’m being filmed. This incident shook us all. Frightening thoughts cross my mind. What if I was also downcast? — A student at CU

“Every time I enter the toilet I feel like I’m being filmed. This incident shook us all. I become conscious when changing my clothes or going to the toilet. Scary thoughts run through my mind What if I was also down?, said a student on campus.

A BTech student says, “I haven’t had a bath since yesterday, fearing there are cameras. I had to turn off the lights while changing clothes and ask a friend to stand guard. The toilet doors don’t reach the floor, leaving a gaping space below. The incident happened in block “D” of the LC Hostel, which was previously a boys’ hostel. Therefore, the doors were designed in this way, explains a student.

Students demand justice for girls whose objectionable videos were allegedly shot by a classmate. The protest escalated when police and university authorities denied reports that such videos had been leaked.

“The girl in question herself confessed in a video that she filmed girls. Why do the police deny this fact? said a student.

Recalling the incident, another student said: “We were returning from health camp when one of the students alerted us to the ’60 girls video leak’ on social media. As soon as the message spread, the students gathered at the hostel. We saw girls waving and screaming for help as they were locked inside. We let them out and one of the girls told me that her lewd video was shot by the defendant. The girls who confronted the accused stayed late Saturday night to protest. The next day, however, they were taken by UC authorities to a room. Now they are no longer visible on campus. They also did not join the protest yesterday.

Many students claim their phones were confiscated by the principal when the matter escalated. Students fear objectionable videos of other girls have been ‘deleted’ from the defendant’s mobile phone.

The defendant used to lock the bathroom door

  • It is learned that the accused used to lock the main bathroom door during the day, which had worried many girls who remained on the floor
  • Some girls had confronted the accused after seeing her playing with her phone in the communal toilets on Saturday

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