Vikrant Massey praises Love Hostel co-star Sanya Malhotra, says ‘she brought out the best in me’

Vikrant Massey praises his Love Hostel co-star Sanya Malhotra. In an exclusive chat with, the actor said Sanya brought out the best in him.

Sanya Malhotra and Vikrant Massey in a photo from Love Hostel.

Vikrant Massey, Sanya Malhotra and Bobby Deol captured many hearts with their performance in the recently released movie, Love Hostel. The web thriller aired on Zee5 on February 25. In an exclusive chat with, Vikrant, who is sharing the screen with Sanya and Bobby for the very first time, talked about his experience working with them.


Sanya Malhotra stars as Vikrant Massey’s love interest in the film. Although this is their first time working together, Vikrant hopes he will work with Sanya again soon. He said: “I had the most amazing experience as an actor working with her. I shared some really good times with her during the movie. She is really gifted as an actress and I thinks the person she is, her personality is so pure and adulterated, that the performance you see is an extension of her personality, she has a high emotional part, she has a high IQ and is perfectly prepared as a professional actor. She is blessed and talented. She brought out the best in me and challenged me to bring out the best in myself. I hope to work with her again.


Vikrant, who has given many hits in his very short career, is in awe of his co-star Bobby Deol. The 34-year-old calls actor Gupta an inspiration. Vikrant said, “What inspired me about Bobby sir is that even after working for 25 years, he still walks around the set like a newcomer. He gets nervous sometimes, he’s nervous, he wants to give his best and that’s so inspiring Usually after 20-25 years of work people get complacent after gaining so much reputation and fame and money but when you see this man walking with a script in hand and wanting to improve, to challenge yourself, it’s inspiring for people like us.”

Love Hostel was released on February 25 on Zee5.

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