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By Akshay Doddamani
HUBBALLI: A 15-year-old girl from Mugali village in Dharwad district recently won a silver medal in the 400m at the central government national track and field competition in Delhi. Priyanka Olekar studies in class 10 and stays in the hostel managed by the Department of Youth Employment and Sports.
It has won laurels at various sporting events, and the latest one comes from the event organized by the Indian Athletics Federation at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Delhi). She was awarded a gold medal at the mini-Olympic games in the 400m and 600m races held in Bengaluru in 2020 by the Karnataka Olympic Association and the Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports. She was second in the 800m at the 36th junior track and field competition in Assam and fifth at the national cross country championships in Chandigarh.
Speaking on Priyanka’s performance over the past five years, her trainer Shamala Patil said: “She has won seven national medals despite her rural background and financial problems.”
Prakash Sarashetti, deputy director of the youth empowerment and sports department, said she made their sports school proud by winning medals. “We will also provide her with facilities in the future, so that she can win many other competitions at the national level,” he said.
His father Madivallappa Olekar works as a driver at BRTS. He said, “I have four daughters, and they have all participated in state level and national level events. I am happy with Priyanka’s achievement in the 400m in Delhi. She made our village proud by getting second place. Not being financially strong, we will not be able to finance its sports activities in the future. We therefore ask the government to continue to support it, “he said.
Priyanka thanked her parents and coaches for her exploits on the slopes. “I will try to win more medals in big events, including those abroad,” she concluded.

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