Wayne Lehman announces his race for Strafford District 11 House seat

Wayne Lehman, a 20-year Lee resident, threw his hat in the ring for a seat in the newly redistricted New Hampshire House of Representatives’ Strafford County District 11. has the town of Lee reunited with the town of Madbury and the Ward 4 section of Dover. This results in the interests of the town of Lee no longer being represented on their own merit, as the two current members of the House are from Madbury and Dover.

Wayne strongly believes that the citizens of the town of Lee deserve their own voice in state affairs in Concord.

Who is Wayne Lehman, you ask? Well, he is, as he likes to call it, a “retired societal norm compliance practitioner.” He was previously a college professor, having served as chairman of the homeland security program at the former Daniel Webster College, and is the author of several adventure novels. Wayne has served on several Lee Town committees and has been a member of the Town Planning Board for the past six years.

As mentioned above, Wayne is a strong believer in having the people of the town of Lee represented in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. It is committed to working with anyone, anytime, to promote issues of public safety, as well as the rights of parents when it comes to what and how their children are taught. He is a strong supporter of responsible funding for schools, to ensure our children have the best educational opportunities available. He overwhelmingly shares the will of his fellow citizens to control spending and eliminate the deficit budgets that threaten our economy. Last but not least, Wayne wants to make sure that our great state of New Hampshire never sees income tax or general sales. If you agree with these ideas, Wayne could use your help now to spread the word and your vote will be on November 8, 2022.

Learn more about Wayne Lehman at lehman4strafford11.org

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