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Cristina Rodlo, no one makes it out alive

Teddy Bear Cavendish / Netflix

It’s time to stop looking in other people’s windows to see what they’re watching on Netflix. If you want to know which movies are popular, check out Netflix’s Top 10 Best Movies list. Netflix’s Top 10 Best Movies list for Friday, October 1 is a lot like yesterday’s list, with just a few movies switching places. That will likely change tomorrow with the release today of Jake Gyllenhaal’s new thriller, the guilty. But will Jake dethrone Britney? Britney vs. Spears remains in number one for the third day in a row, with the new horror film No one comes out alive close the gap in seconds.

But which of the movies on Netflix’s Top 10 Most Popular Movies list is really good? We break down the entire list of the 10 best Netflix movies and walk you through what to binge and what to skip. We do the same for Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows, as well as the overall Netflix Top 10 list. We also have a list of the 50 best shows and movies to watch on Netflix right now, as well as the best movies on Netflix and the best TV shows on Netflix.

Based on Netflix Top 10 from Friday October 1

1. Britney vs. Spears

For fans of: Britney Spears Guardianship Case | Is it good?: This is the weakest of all Britney’s docs so far

If you have the impression that there has been a parcel Britney Spears documentaries recently, you’d be right. (Notably, Spears isn’t a fan of it.) Netflix’s offer to the conversation is Britney vs. Spears, which concerns Spears’ much-publicized struggle to escape his father-led tutelage, but the problem with this one is simply that he has nothing new to say in a genre that is quickly becoming oversaturated. Even the biggest Britney fans I know skip this one, and so can you. (Rank yesterday: 1)

2. No one comes out alive

For fans of: The division of classes, the immigrant experience | Is it good?: it will scare you

A Latin American immigrant looking for work and housing in America moves into a boarding house where things aren’t haunted, if you understand me. It is a great gem of horror that draws on the experience of immigrants and the difficulties that the poor have with basic needs. (Rank yesterday: 2)

3. My little pony: a new generation

For fans of: Ponies, reboots of beloved childhood properties | Is it good?: The child in your life will probably love it

Do you remember My little Pony? That’s it, but now all ponies look like modern day big-eyed Disney characters and Vanessa Hudgens voices one of them. Specifically, she plays the city’s new pony, who wants to help restore the magic of Equestria. Hope Bronias are really enjoying this one. (Rank yesterday: 3)

4. The adults

For fans of: Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade, Kevin James, Rob Schneider | Is it good?: It is certainly a movie

It’s one of those “Adam Sandler Needs Money To Add An Extra Wing To One Of His Many Houses” movies. These are four childhood friends (played by Sandler, Rock, Spade and James) who reunite after their high school basketball coach dies. Haven’t seen it in many years, but the main thing I remember is a scene where Kevin James pees in a public pool and turns the water blue, so that’s the kind of thing you should. expect from this one. Did you know The adults came out 11 years ago? Just something to think about. (Rank yesterday: 5)

5. Starling

For fans of: Melissa McCarthy, birds | Is it good?: it’s a failure

I just want Melissa McCarthy to star in things that are worthy of her talents, is that so much to ask? Starling, a movie about two parents (McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd) mourning the loss of their child, just isn’t that. It’s not quite the impossible-to-watch mess that some of his other recent movies have been (ahem, Thunder force), but it’s just a predictable big snoozer. On the bright side, Timothy Olyphant and Kevin Kline appear in supporting roles. That’s all I have here! (Rank yesterday: 4)

6. Intrusion

For fans of: Predictable twists, home invasions, did we mention predictable twists? | Is it good?: Nope!

Frieda Pinto stars as a woman who leaves the big city and settles with her husband in an incredible new home in a small town, but their life turns for the worse when a home invasion ends in death. And THEN the really predictable things start to happen! If you haven’t predicted what will happen halfway through, then congratulations on watching your very first movie. (Rank yesterday: 6)

What to watch among Netflix’s 10 best TV shows

7. Vivo

For fans of: The voice of Lin-Manuel Miranda, song of the animals | Is it good?: It’s cute!

Lin-Manuel Miranda lends his voice to this film about Vivo (Miranda), a kinkajou who spends his days playing music in Cuba with his owner, Andres (Juan de Marcos González). When Andres’ ex-partner announces his farewell concert in Miami, Vivo decides to go there to help bring the two together. (Rank yesterday: 7)

8. Home

For fans of: Rihanna’s vocal styles, cute aliens | Is it good?: it’s a beautiful movie

This is a classic boyfriend comedy about a young girl (voiced by Rihanna) who teams up with an alien (voiced by Jim Parsons) to try to find her mother (voiced by Jennifer Lopez). Aliens in Home it really feels like counterfeit Minions, but it’s an adorable movie nonetheless. (Rank yesterday: 9)

9. Secure house

For fans of: Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, the Central Intelligence Agency | Is it good?: it is very good

Ryan Reynolds plays a CIA officer tasked with dealing with an international fugitive (Denzel Washington), but after the two are attacked by mercenaries, they’re forced to – did you see that coming? – work together to stay alive. (Rank yesterday: 8)

What to watch in Netflix’s Global Top 10

ten. Kate

For fans of: Assassins, death sentences, Woody Harrelson | Is it good?: it should be, but it’s a bit boring

You would think that a movie where Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays an assassin who has 24 hours to live, that she decides to take revenge on her enemies, would be a little more exciting. You’re wrong: this one is a snoozer despite the violent action. (Rank yesterday: 10)

The best new shows of 2021

Paula Pell, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Jeremiah Craft, Sara Bareilles and Busy Philipps, Girls5eva

Paula Pell, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Jeremiah Craft, Sara Bareilles and Busy Philipps, Girls5eva

Virginia Sherwood / Peacock


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