Woman addicted to heroin lives in danger in hostel arson

Arsonist Samantha Bond has put lives in danger by starting a fire in her hostel room.

The 24-year-old was staying at Flower Pot Housing in Shelton when she set her bedding on fire.

Staff did a routine check of the room and round burn marks on the sheets and carpet.

The defendant came back into the room with a lighter in his hand.

She later told police she had been on heroin when she committed the offence.

Now a judge has given Bond a second chance to have a pre-sentence report before she learns of her fate at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court.

Prosecutor Nick Tatlow said the defendant was living at Flower Pot Housing on September 11 when staff carried out a routine check of the room at 8 p.m.

Mr Tatlow said: “She wasn’t there. Her bed was damaged and there were burn marks on the bedding and carpet. She came back at 9.30pm with a cigarette lighter.

“An examination of the fire revealed that this had occurred at the side of the bed and an open flame had been applied to each location. This resulted in materials burning and falling onto the carpet below. The conclusion was that the damage was done deliberately.”

The accused was arrested and she immediately confessed to setting fire to her room. She said other residents antagonized her to do what she did.

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She lit two fires with a lighter. She watched the fire burn for about five minutes but put it out with her hands. She admitted that she had endangered the lives of others.

During questioning by the police, the defendant stated that she was under the influence of heroin at the time.

Bond, of Flower Pot Housing, Snow Hill, pleaded guilty to arson for not knowing if life was in danger.

Mitigating Paul Cliff said the defendant would be happy to speak on probation again after refusing to cooperate with his initial appointment.

Judge Paul Glenn gave Bond another opportunity to speak to the probation service.

The case will be listed once the report is completed.

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