Yet another student protest against hostel facilities at Osmania University? Here is what the official h- Edexlive

Osmania University (OU) is again witnessing protests at its premises in front of its Vice-Chancellor’s building today, September 17. Hostel facilities have been a concern at Osmania for some time now and intermittent protests have been staged at campus venues. This time, the freshmen are protesting after learning that starting in their second year, they will be moved from the new Centennial building to the old Ladies Hostel Complex building. It can be noted that the old building is usually assigned to second-year students. They are also protesting because they only have two to three days to evacuate their rooms.

What students have to say
“When we did our admissions, this new building is the one we saw. Now moving to the old building which already has so many problems is not something that suits us,” says Jadala Sandhya, a first-year journalism student and adds, “It was the same hostel where we recently had the problem where students found piece of glass bracelet in food.

The students are also requesting an extension of their accommodation at the hostel for an additional month so that they can sit their Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) Group 1 exam. Officials, however, find this request unreasonable because such standards have never existed at the university and an extension would require additional funding, which is not how the university operates.

Official point of view
“We operate on government funding and it costs us around one lakh a day. Offering these students an extension of the hostel for competitive examinations is not within our functions,” says the director of the hostels for women, Dr. Hima Bindu. She goes on to add, “Students only have to pay Rs 1,600 or Rs 1,700 rupees per month and that covers all the facilities they get here. We try to give the best of ourselves within the limit of our budget. »

Although Dr Bindu acknowledges that things are not always perfect, she also insists that students can sometimes become unreasonable with their demands. She references the wristband glasses in the food number, which she shared photos with Edex Live, to say, “There was a piece of a bracelet we found in the food that was immediately taken care of by providing fresh food, but the students overdid it with pictures of plates containing so many pieces of glass bracelets. How is it possible?”

Also, when asked if the students were reluctant to change hostels, she said, “Initially they were unwilling to move to the new building because it’s a bit far away, the students have also staged protests for this. Now they don’t want to move to the old main building. How could we accommodate all requests like this? »

Other student requests
The freshmen finished their exams on September 15 and were told to vacate their rooms within two or three days. It was also difficult for a couple of students and they are asking for a few days extension so they can make different arrangements. “We demand an extension of at least five days because we cannot immediately arrange accommodation outside. Also, we are not financially comfortable offering us hostels outside,” says a another freshman journalism student on condition of anonymity.

Additionally, as the protests continue, the official hints that these protests may have a different agenda: “There are a lot of internal policies on campus that are inciting these protests. Few male student leaders have a personal grievance because we refused their request to have boarders from outside the university”, adds the director of the women’s hostel.

Despite what officials have to say, the issue of food and hygiene is relevant and has been a constant issue on the Osmania campus. Most students agree that the quality of food could be better.

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