Youth jailed and flogged for armed robbery at Jurong East pawn shop and other offenses

SINGAPORE – A youth involved in an armed robbery at a pawn shop in Jurong East two years ago was sentenced on Monday (May 23) to more than five years in prison and caning for the incident and for a series of other offences.

Karrtik Stalniraj, a 23-year-old Singaporean, pleaded guilty to five counts including one for his role in the armed robbery. Other charges include willfully injuring with a dangerous weapon, breaking Covid-19 social gathering restrictions, using criminal force against an on-duty official and theft.

Five other charges were considered at sentencing.

He is the third man to be treated for the Jurong East armed robbery.


Court documents said Karrtik suggested two other young people – Kotta Kumar Jeswanth, 20, and Tusheintar Segaran, 22 – target OT Credit because there were only two saleswomen working there.

The three men struck around 4 p.m. on November 19, 2020.

Kotta entered the premises and grabbed the saleswoman by the hair. Brandishing a karambit knife in one hand, he demanded that she throw money into a gray backpack he carried in front of his body.

Kotta asked the saleswoman, Ms. Candy Yang Siqi, not to cry out for help.

Karrtik searched the store for more money. Tusheintar stayed at the entrance of the place as a lookout.

Kotta then locked Ms Yang in a back office and the trio fled on foot with S$48,000. Karrtik then received S$14,500 from the loot while Tusheintar received S$14,000.

Tushientar was sentenced to two years in prison and six strokes of the cane in February this year.

Kotta pleaded guilty in January last year and was ordered to undergo rehabilitation training as he was under 21 at the time of the offence.


In March 2020, Karrtik was also involved in a fight that ended with him stabbing the victim multiple times in the leg.

The victim, K Dheenan Leroy, had asked to meet Karrtik to talk.

Suspecting that Leroy might want to confront him over an earlier disagreement, Karrtik asked his brother-in-law and co-defendant Selva Vinayaga Prakash to accompany him.

Karrtik and Selva went to the meeting each armed with a stun device.

During the meeting, Leroy, who appeared to be drunk, allegedly pulled a Swiss army knife from his pocket. A fight ensues, Karrtik injures his shoulder blocking Leroy’s attempt to stab Selva.

Karrtik then assaulted Leroy, punching him in the head and stabbing him repeatedly in the right leg.

Leroy’s case is expected to be mentioned again in court on May 25.


Karrtik also gathered with a group of friends and acquaintances on May 2, 2020 for a drinking session in a hostel room at ST Signature Jalan Besar.

It happened while Karrtik was out on bail for the fight in March, and during the current circuit breaker period that prohibited people from leaving their homes for non-essential purposes.

During the night, a verbal argument occurred which escalated into a physical fight with punches being exchanged.

Police then arrived at the scene and arrested Karrtik and another individual.

Karrtik swore at an officer who had approached his girlfriend. He was also non-compliant with officers at the scene and spat at one.


On August 15 that year around 11 p.m., a 32-year-old restaurant manager went to Jurong Central Park to rest after his shift.

He took a nap in one of the huts in the park, placing his bag containing a cellphone, iPad mini, wallet, debit card and power banks next to him.

Karrtik and his friend spotted the man and decided to take the bag and then attempted to sell the phone at a store in Boon Lay. However, the trader discovered it was a stolen phone and alerted the police.

On Monday, District Judge Tan Jen Tse handed down a total sentence of five years, eight months and five weeks, 12 strokes of the cane and a fine of S$3,000.

For causing injury by committing a robbery, Karrtik could have been imprisoned for up to 20 years and given at least 12 strokes of the cane.

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